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Owner & Licensed Massage Therapist

Wendi built the Palms Restorative Spa based on a dream she had in 2012. Her passion for learning and service gave her the drive she needed to be a nurse, english teacher, a corporate skin care and make-up consultant, own her own business, and coordinate humanitarian projects. All of this has culminated in her work in this spa where she can put to use her education in reflexology,       cranialsacral and body wraps. But her greatest love in life is her family and the Lord. She has an amazing and charming husband and 4 talented children.



Aesthetician & Lash Artist

Not only is Katelyn an accomplished lash artist, but as an aesthetician she loves helping clients feel even more beautiful in their own skin. she especially enjoys doing chemical peels and seeing the results of her wonderful clients. Native to Tennessee, in her free time she enjoys spending her time outdoors with her favorite little person Grayson. 

Kenzie South is passionate about providing relaxing and quality care and is our newest aesthetician at Palms Restorative Spa. Truly a valued member of our team. Clients love working with Kenzie and continue to come back for treatments given again and again.


Loving fitness at an early age led Judy to becoming a fitness specialist.  She began teaching group fitness 35 years ago starting with water aerobics, moving to weight lifting, cardio classes, yoga, and even Tai Chi. She is a Personal Trainer as well, but has found a special love for teaching yoga. It is her hope to open up the world of yoga to others so they can love it as much as she does.


Medical Aesthetician



Kara Gilley

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kara has had a love of healing for almost 2 decades. Touch has always been a therapy and a passion for her. When clients comment about how Kara got all the right spots, Kara finds it very rewarding and motivating to continue to learn and express her desire to care and comfort those who value an intuitive, experienced touch.

Hatha Yoga Instructor

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