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How can I find the right practitioner for me?

         Finding the right practitioner can be a challenge sometimes, but not always. At Palms Restorative Spa we recommend being patient with the process and allowing yourself space to explore your options. You may end up meeting with a few practitioners before settling on a person that feels like the best fit for you. Choosing a practitioner is a very personal decision, so there is not a simple formula that we can recommend. However, we do think the following questions are helpful to consider:

Expertise – Does the practitioner have experience and training in working with the issues that you would like to address?

Trust – Do you feel you can trust the practitioner?

Schedule – Does the practitioner have availability in their schedule at times when you are free to attend sessions?

Location – Is the practitioner’s office accessible to you? Would you regularly be able to attend sessions at that location?

Fee – Can you afford the practitioner’s fee per session? While it is customary to tip your practitioner, we please ask you to report to us any session that doesn't meet your highest expectations of peace and tranquility.


To learn more about a practitioner’s approach or professional training, you may discuss with your practitioner prior to your session, or just give Palms Spa a call and we are happy to share.

What does “holistic health” mean?

A state of optimal well being in which all aspects of a person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – are considered and balanced.

What does “healing arts” mean?

Healing arts is an umbrella term for any type of treatment, practice, or method that uses the body’s natural ability to restore or maintain a healthy, holistic balance throughout the physical body and mind. 


Our vision is to provide a peaceful experience where we can still our minds and nurture our bodies for the purpose of remembering who we really are and what we can become. 


“To be spiritually minded is life and peace.”           Romans 8:6

Join us for a luxurious experience. We specialize in customized massage treatments to help our guests have peace of mind in a serene atmosphere.

Our Facials will make you feel new again, both in body and spirit.

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